The new 1.05 software has been released for DS/DC-16 radios. We already added all changes to the manual.

Update version 1.05 changes the way that the “Switch delay” for switches that are assigned to enable or disable mixes is applied. Please carefully check all your mixes that have some programmed “Switch delay”.

 ALWAYS backup your models and settings before performing any update.

 New Features:
1. Added throttle limiter for helicopters (see notes).
2. Modified Butterfly menu: elevator compensation is available with an additional curve. Added options for aileron differential adjustment and butterfly offset. (see notes)
3. Jetibox display and controls are now available on the main screen.  You first must enable the display for the Jetibox window on your desktop (telemetry display menu).  With the Jetibox window shown, press the ESC button to use the F1-F4 buttons for Jetibox control.
4. Wireless modes are indicated on the main screen (Student, Teacher and Double Path).
5. In Sensors/Timers->Alarms added optional Activation Switch that enables or disables an appropriate alarm.

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