Peter Vogel is a man of many skills. As a child, Peter started flying Control Line planes. A few years into the Hobby, he got his first glimpse of a RC plane in a Sears Christmas catalog. “(I) had the picture of that plane, and it’s price, over my bed so it was the first thing I saw every morning when I woke up to remind me why I wanted to make (and) save money!”

Despite having enjoyed flying as a young boy, years went by and nothing more had happened for Peter, that is until his first summer home from college. Being hundreds of miles away from his college friends and girlfriend, the decision was made to build a Sig Kadet Mk II after work to occupy his time. Since the kit was pre-laser cutting, it took him all summer just to finish the built-up wing construction. School started back up and his building took a backseat. After graduating Peter finished his plane and took it down to the local flying club to learn how to fly. Life once again took over for Peter.

In 2007, Peter’s interest was struck back up and he decided to build his second Helicopter, the first having been built with his daughter years earlier. This time he chose a T-Rex 500. “I discovered 2.4GHz equipment, the wonders of brushless motors and Lithium Polymer batteries and was thoroughly hooked!  ”  He began flying anything he could put in the air, and finally found his calling in Precision Aerobatics. After two successful seasons in Sportsman, Peter plans to move up to Intermediate. “I’ve learned a lot about radios and setup in that time and I’m very thrilled with the Jeti radio system — my practice time has increased because I can now fly based on mAh consumed instead of a timer and the programming is so intuitive I barely have to think about how to accomplish what I want to do.  ”Says Peter. Welcome to the Jeti USA Team Peter! We look forward to having you fly with us!

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