Whoever said “it takes time to make a thing go right” didn’t know Jim Arruda! After only two short years in the hobby, Jim has gone from heli novice to heli expert. In February of 2012 Jim picked up his first heli – a Flybarred T-Rex 450 clone. Since then he has moved up to a T-Rex 550 V2, Compass 7HV, and a Compass Warp 360. Enjoying  the art of sport flying, Jim loves to fly smooth transitions into different orientations, but never loses sight of his true goal,  ” I will be learning some 3D maneuvers, but (I) enjoy flying with majestic and smooth control and (I) aspire to become a master pilot”.

Jim has reached many accomplishments in the past two years. Not only has he made large leaps and bounds in his knowledge of RC helicopters and flying skills, he has been a field rep for Compass Model and joined Team Compass. Now he enjoys flying the Jeti radio system with his Mezon ESC as a Jeti USA Team Pilot. Jim states “(I am) glad to represent Esprit/Jeti USA and share with others my passion for this hobby and these products”. Thank you for joining us. We look forward to flying with you on the field!

jim arruda

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