People are always creating new ways to use their Jeti Radio Systems. Look at this customer from California decided to do!

After doing as much research as I could to see how people are using Spektrum through their Jeti radios, I found very little info that I was happy with. I did this research before I got my DS16 (replacing my DX8 and Graupner MZ-24). I found many people are using the Orange DYI Module.

A good friend of mine bought two Orange DYI Module and gave me one to make it work with Horizon Hobby BnF models but I found the module to be very inconstant and lost reception making my model fly on it’s own. I was very displeased with anything Orange related so I decided to try something more reliable.

With all of this being said here’s what I came up with. I built a Jeti to Spektrum bridge. Here are the items I used:

– Jeti R4 Receiver
– Protek LiFe 2100mah 2s 6.6v Battery
– RX On/Off Swtich
– Pelican 1010 Micro Case
– Spektrum DM9 Airmod for JR Radio.

I put the R4 receiver in the Airmod case to make everything look clean. I mounted the Antenna to the lid so while using it I could have it open up for better reception. I have used this to fly my beloved Blade 200qx many many times with awesome range with no lag or anything.

Here are the pics and tell me what you guys think. Thank You

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