Here is a report from one of our guys, Jose who had the pleasure of attending Best In The West and Flying Tigers.

Show report for Best in the West 2015; Flying Tigers

I’m happy to report that Best In The West was a great event this year, like it usually is. We had a great week of weather and a large number of pilots with plenty of beautiful jets.

To my surprise I ended up winning the award for Best Sport Jet Performance with my Ultimatum Sport Jet powered with a Jet Central Cheetah and using the great Jeti Carbon Red Radio system.

After BITW I ended up going to Jaime Snipes event the Flying Tigers first annual jet event. Another great flying site with two runways and great parking for RVs. I also flew my Ultimatum sport jet and again won the best sport jet performance award.

From what I have been seeing a lot of my fellow pilots have been very impressed with the capabilities of my Jeti Radio. Up to this point I’m very happy with my Jeti and maybe someday I will learn it in and out.

-Jose Melendez




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