Take a gander at this bold beauty! The Yuri Virchenko Carbon Fiber X-Plus w/Flaps in Hotliner Green is receiver and battery ready. She flies like a dream and turns heads no matter where she goes. All of our models are built with the utmost care and skill, making this a perfect holiday gift for you or your favorite flyer! Snag it before someone else does, here.

Length: 40.25″/1025mm
Recommended Battery: TP2700 5S

Condition of item: Store Display, Never Flown, Brand NEW

(1) X-Plus Carbon $645.00
(1) Jeto Phasor 2026/3600 6.7:1 motor $385.00
(1) Esprit Elite 80SB brushless ESC $109.00
(4) MKS HV6130 servo (ailerons, flaps) $312.00
(1) MKS HV6100 servo (elevator) $44.00
(1) Aeronaut 38/6mm folding spinner $19.00
(1) Aeronaut 38/8mm yoke $9.00
(1) Vitaprop 15×9.5 CF folding propeller $42.00

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