Recently we have gotten many questions about how data logging and the capability to immediately display data on your transmitter screen post flight can help you become a better pilot. There are many areas where the Jeti system answers all your questions giving you detailed information about performance of individual components that could explain, improve or even prevent a catastrophe. We have to remember that the Jeti Transmitter is a scientific instrument and in our hands it will become the indispensable tool which helps us with improving performance, enjoyment, and safety of our hobby.

Jeti systems enable you to display, modify, delete, zoom in/out, and compare sets of data at any time without using the computer. All of this happens in your hands at the field. Once you finish your flight you will be holding all the answers to your questions in your hands. The Jeti System displays the activated alarms and all telemetry data right in front of you.

Need/Must know if you are killing your model or destroying your equipment, with Jeti all answers are in your hands.

The G-Force and ESC Temperature are clearly visible, simply setup Telemetry Alarms and protect your investment.

2 Replies to “Data Logging & Data Display w/Jeti Assist Receiver and Mezon Pro ESC!!!”

  1. Have a friend and he is big believer in jeti radios. Like to try one out but for me at this time at age 65 it’s more then pocket change to buy on. Thanks for letting leave a comment. Have a great day. Dave

  2. I’m 73, it’s worth the investment to protect the investment you fly. Besides the Jeti radios are very user friendly and very logical in their programming, something a 70+ mind appreciates.

    Remember, you can’t take it with you, so for god sake fly the best!

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