2.5) Introducing Jeti DS-12 Radio System. Did you Know?

Did you know that with the DS-12 you can easily monitor and record the quality of your RF Link?
The DS-12 transmitter allows you to customize your screen and immediately see how your RF link is performing.

You can see A1 & A2 antenna strength in a scale from 0-9 and Signal Quality as a direct percentage. This allows you to set up custom telemetry alarms to alert you if there is a drop in your RF link.

2.3) Introducing Jeti DS-12 Radio System. Did you Know?

Did you know that with the Jeti DS-12 you can Soar with the Birds? Simple Plug & Play solution.
Jeti Variometer measures atmospheric pressure and using the obtained data it calculates the altitude above sea level, and the rate of climb and descent. The sensor also alerts you if any alarm setting is exceeded.

The acoustic signal consists of 4 different tones (steps) for climbing and the same amount of steps for descending. The step width can be adjusted by the user. The climb signal consists of short interrupted tones, the descent signal consists of long permanent tones.


1.1) Introducing Jeti DS-12 Radio System. Did you Know?

Did you know that DS-12 comes with Plug-in, Replaceable Switches?
We offer up to 10 different types of switches for all DS radio systems.

Did you know that DS-12 comes with same Hall Sensor, Plastic Gimbals as more expensive DS-14?
Both gimbals are Multi-Mode, easily selectable to Mode 1-5.

Did you know that DS-12 has Vibration, Haptic feedback?
Create and assign any Telemetry Alarm, Timer, or Telemetry Function and get haptic respond.
Excellent choice for noisy environment when transmitter speaker is ineffective.

Introducing Jeti DS-12 2.4GHz/900MHz Radio System

Start new 2019 season with brand new Jeti DS-12 2.4GHz/900MHz Dual Band radio system. Dual band, dual redundant frequency hopping radio system is fully designed and manufactured by Jeti Model in the Czech republic. With 12 channels, mini USB port, built-in speaker, headset jack, plastic transmitter gimbals with Hall sensors (4096 step resolution) and 4 ball bearings for precision movement, a large 320×240 color, backlight display and many other features the Jeti DS-12s are sure to become the new standard in transmitter performance.

It’s Official! The DS-24s are FCC Certified!

We would like to announce that on February 1st. at 15:00 EST the Federal Communication Commission and Industry Canada, Granted Equipment Authorization (FCC), and Certificate of Acceptance (IC) to Jeti USA (Esprit Model Inc.) for the Duplex DS-24 Radio System.

After spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars we can say that this was our most complicated, expensive, extensive, and exciting project to date. We cannot express our gratitude enough to all of the people who believed in us and contributed to bringing one of the finest and most advanced radio systems to the American market.

We are expecting that we will start shipping DS-24 next Monday.

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Now Available – Futaba T16SZ

Get your hands on the brand new Futaba T16 transmitter!

An incredibly sophisticated 16-channel marvel, the 16SZ is perfect for pro pilots and weekend wingers alike. It offers flights conditions, in addition, to many of the functions and features of top-of-the-line systems at an affordable price.

Leading off its list of features is full telemetry function. The 16SZ is set up to receive temperature, RPM, altitude, GPS, voltage, current, and data logging telemetry information, keeping you more tightly riveted to your aircraft than ever before. And, its intuitive full touchscreen display and long battery life make it the radio every serious pilot needs at the field. Read more below!

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