All of us that fly RC know that it takes skills both on the flight line and off to complete a successful flight. On our first demo flight we had an unfortunate series of events during landing, resulting in a damaged wing (as any RC pilot can relate ūüôā ). We are very thankful to have had someone who possesses such skill with us at Joe Nall 2016. This damaged wing could have grounded us for our¬†Friday¬†noon demo flight. However, all thanks to Laura Melnik,¬† it didn’t. Laura is very talented in many ways, and one of her specialties just happens to be fabrication. She was able to rebuild a wing using only a few scraps of balsa, CA glue, and an aluminum can. This amazing patch job allowed us to continue flying Friday. She even added a little pizzazz with her handmade rivets! We want to extend a very sincere thank you to Laura for all her fast thinking and hard work.

Without her, The Jeti USA Girl Flight Team may not have made history.

Thank you Laura.

– “Jeti USA Girl Flight Team‚ÄĚ Ashleigh, Aneta, Kasi, Lucy and Silvia.

Thank you Laura

Thank You Laura

Thank You Laura

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