Looks like it’s time for upgrade. Hard to believe, but we were also surprised that our Pulsar manufacturer was able to improve already excellent airplanes. We just received the whole shipment of new Pro Pulsars, unfortunately they are not on the web site yet.

New Features:
– Extended Fuselage
– Canopy for battery/radio access
– Center panel with dihedral
– Separate flap servos

Just arrived Electric Versions:
Pulsar 3.2E Pro
Pulsar 3.2E Pro RES
Pulsar 3.2E Pro REF
Pulsar 3.6E Pro

Pulsar 3.6E Pro RES
Pulsar 3.6E Pro REF

Just arrived Sailplane Versions:
Pulsar 3.2S Pro
Pulsar 3.2S Pro RES
Pulsar 3.2S Pro REF
Pulsar 3.6S Pro

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