Take a look at Simon and his Carf Spitfire! This baby runs a beautiful Kolm engine, and operates on the Jeti Duplex system. Watch the video Simon created for an up-close look at the build. 102315 - Simon & Carf Spitfire



3 Replies to “Beautiful Carf Spitfire with Kolm iL150”

  1. Really nice plane. Question is your Kolm 150 installed with rubbermounts on the front and real firewalls? I am building the same config–CARF Spit with Kolm 150 and have both aluminium and rubber spacers…which ones do you recommend?

    1. Hello Jamie,
      I will forward your question on to the owner of this beautiful airplane and let you know what he says. Is the email associated with your comment a good way to reach out to you?

      1. Here is the answer from the owner:
        “Rubber in the front with 20mm shrink tubing to take out the slop. Metal in the back. For the metal spacers you can either use the ones supplied or 20mm stand offs.”

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