This amazing  project is the B-25 Mitchell “Apache Princess” designed and built by Dietrich Ebert. The Apache Princess is owned by there brothers; Roland Sabatschus, Michael Sabatschus, and Daniel Sabatschus. This particular 1/3.3 scale B-25 has a wingspan of more than six meters, that is a twenty foot wingspan! It’s length is not far behind, coming in at a whopping sixteen feet. It runs two 400cc Moki motors and a total of 30 servos . Dietrich decided to run the Emcotec Power Cube and three Emcotec DPSI 2018s, one in each wing and one in the fuselage. With the ability to run two receivers and two batteries on each DPSI 2018, there are no connections from the wings to the fuselage! What a great way to simply the setup process.

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