We love to hear it when our customers are happy. One customer states:

Now that I’ve taken my DS-16 through a full season of pattern contest flying (without as much practice as I’d have liked), I can now tell you that I really love this product. I recently added an MU-150 current/voltage/capacity telemetry sensor, and I didn’t even have to crack the manual to figure out how to get it to display these parameters on my main screen on the transmitter. WELL DONE!
Additionally, the solid build feel of the transmitter is fantastic. A huge step above anything else at this price point. (I haven’t compared to the Futaba 18 or upcoming JR 28x, but even then, those are nearly double the cost).I am also a big fan of the 4 button cluster for trims. They are much easier to access while flying (without looking down) than the classic sliders next to the sticks. I know some people see that and think it’s too radical, but I think it is a brilliant design choice. I’m sure I’ve only explored 10% of the capabilities of this thing, but that 10% is so nicely done. Thank you for designing such a great product
. ”

Thank you for your support. It always makes us happy to see such joy and satisfaction from our equipment!

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