Thanks to Jordan Morse at Morse Aircraft Development for all the great support he gives with the Jeti products. He is one of the many supports out there that go above and beyond to provide help with Jeti Systems. Here is what he had to say after he held his very first training class!

“We held our first of many basic programming classes for the Oklahoma area. We had a good turn out, from guys wanting to know about the system to the guys that had just bought a few radios. We are spreading the word on Jeti radios and the almost limitless capabilities they provide to modelers, from your basic aircraft to the most advance jet. At MADjets we use Jeti in almost all of our custom builds. We have noticed a huge influx of customers moving to the Jeti radio system, mostly because of the Telemetry systems and ease of programming. After the in shop class I took a couple guys out to the field where we completed the setup of their aircraft. They were amazed at how fast I was able to set up all the custom mixes and programming they wanted for their flying style. The comments on how natural the radio felt and how connected they felt to the radio from day one were numerous. I would say our first class was a success for Jeti and MADJets. Here is a picture of us at the field after a few flights on a pattern ship we set up for Nationals.”

Take a look at this photo from the training class! Jordan Morse - Training Class

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