“I just finished my very first ALES contest with the 2m Poly Pulsar with a hacker B20 12L running on 2s that you guys sold me. I went to (a) contest just to have fun but was astounded when I came in 2nd against the much bigger Supras and AVA’s. That little pulsar is a GREAT flying plane and I love it!!! The guy who came in first, only 23 pts ahead of me, was flying a 3.5 meter Maxxa, and guy behind me, in 3rd, (was) flying an AVA. So these weren’t beginners! Everybody there was impressed with my little pulsar (they’d never seen one strangely). The only disadvantage I seemed to have against the bigger planes is I had to work a little harder to make my 10 minute windows.”

We are glad to see someone with so much joy and excitement towards their new airplane. Congrats to Jerry Monlar from California on your win, and thank you for your support!

Molar medal Molar Pulsar

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