Now that flying season is coming to a close, modelers are heading to their benches, starting their projects for next year. The million dollar question is, what will I need?  Well, we thought about this long and hard, and realized that there are many basics that one shouldn’t be without. Read on to find out what our builders deemed most important.

1. The Dremel

 One thing most molders find themselves doing a lot of is “Milling and Drilling”, and the proper tool can take this from a daunting task to a delightful project.  We find that the MultiPro Cordless Rotary tool from Dremel works wonders.  This two speed drill is great for almost any project, and coupled with the Flex Shaft Attachment, there is no place you can’t reach.  Of course, don’t forget your basic tips such as the tapered carbine cutters, a cutting wheel, your sanding drums, and replacement sanding bands.

2. Cutting Tools

Even though you have a handy Dremel tool, you will still need to get some things by hand. For this we think nothing outshines the quality and reliability of the No.11 X-ACTO blade and knife. Its fine point allows for the most accurate of cuts, since let’s face it, modeling can get pretty precise.  If what you are cutting  is too thick for a typical blade, keep on hand the X-ACTO Precision Razor Saw Set. This saw set works great on common materials such as soft woods and plastics.

3. Adhesives

Adhesives are important to take all those precisely cut pieces and put them where they need to be! For every job, there is an adhesive that will work best. One of our favorites is the Hysol 9462 Epoxy. This beige epoxy has a 55 minute worklife, allowing for plenty of time, and bonds to metal, plastic and wood with little to none dripping. For the projects where you need it to set just a little bit faster, use the Pacer Z-Poxy 5Minute, and 30 Minute Formulas. These epoxy’s are vibration resistant and dry clear!  Another must have adhesive is your Medium and Thin CA, Kicker, and Debonder (trust us your fingers will love you). Our go to is the Pacer ZAP series of Cyanoacrylate glues. Don’t forget to add in a foam safe CA for those foamies. Keep it all organized in a handy Glue Caddy.

4. Clamps

Hold everything in place while gluing with clamps! We use both the C-Clamp Style as well as smaller squeeze clamps.

5. Tapes

The last thing we always have in reach is the proper tape. It is good to use a hinge tape to keep surfaces attached when glue will not do, and a nice painters tape if you only need a temporary hold. Painters tape will also come in handy in any custom paint job.

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