Showing Off Mario Walters’s L-39C XXXL by Tomahawk Aviation

We recently came across more photos of this incredible model jet owned by Mario Walters. The airframe is the L-39C XXXL by Tomahawk Aviation. The model has a span of 3.5m (11ft) and an all-up weight of 70kg (155lbs).

A big aircraft takes a big engine, and this beauty is no exception. Mario chose the venerable JetCat P550 to power his L-39C. The incredible size of the model combined with an incredible paint scheme by DH Colorworks makes this a real show stopper.

Our favorite part? The Jeti Duplex radio gear inside.

Thanks for the awesome photos, Mario!

New Opale Paramotor Oxy 0.5/1.3m Combo Package w/Backpack XXS3 Available!

The Oxy 0.5 is our indoor and no wind gem. This is the perfect paramotor for those long winters where you are limited to indoor flying. The Oxy 0.5 is also great for the dawn and dusk flights when the wind has quieted down in your favorite small park or greenspace. This is a great entry into the world of para-motors but is not limited to the beginner as it is a capable aerobatic performer.

The XXS3 paramotor chassis is designed for pilots who want maximum versatility, with one of the smallest RC paramotor frames in the world. Compared to the XXS2 version, this new generation includes many new improvements. Better protection of the propeller thanks to a 5-point shroud, large battery pack compartment allowing flexible usage of large battery packs and more strength in the arms, thanks to space for a larger, heavy-duty servos.

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New Elite SE6 Servo Channel Expander Serial to PWM (Jeti EX, Graupner HoTT, Futaba S.Bus2) Available Now.

The Servo Channel Expander SE6 is a device that converts serial bus signal to standard PWM servo outputs. It offers up to six configurable servo outputs with optional period and fail-safe setting.

The SE6 is a perfect choice for models with complex wing or tail mechanics where multiple servos may be connected to a primary receiver using just a single cable. In addition, if you are running out of receiver channels simply connect the SE6 to the receiver serial line and freely assign its own output channels.

Specifications and Features
– Supported Protocols: Futaba S.Bus/S.Bus2, Graupner HoTT, Jeti EX
– Small dimensions and high current throughput via the integrated MR30 power connector.
– Automatic detection of serial data/telemetry after startup.
– Configuration through the transmitter or external terminal (JETIBOX/SMART-BOX).
– Firmware updates via USB interface.

Easy installation, Attach the required servos to the SE6 servo expander. Connect the receiver using its output port with serial data option. The SE6 uses the MR30 connector for primary data input. Turn on the transmitter and apply the appropriate power source to the receiver. The status LED starts blinking as soon as the SE6 detects signal on the serial line.

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