We Took These Beauties Out for a Photoshoot!

Are you looking for your dream sailplane? We’ve got our Store Display Pulsars all updated and ready to ship to you!

The Pulsar 2.5E Pro REF is the latest and most advanced addition to the ever-growing Pulsar family of hand-made electric sailplanes.

The fuselage is made of gel-coated 2.4GHz friendly fiberglass/Kevlar with carbon fiber tapered boom and removable carbon fiber canopy. The three piece wing and 2-piece conventional tail are each easily removable for transport and storage. The rudder as well as elevator servos install in the vertical fin. The careful use of composites, combined with an underlying wood structure in the wing, ensures a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time. This is an extremely light, high performance model.

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