Esprit Tech & Jeti USA YouTube Livestream! Episode 3: Jeti Central Box 100/210/220/400

This week James will be talking about Jeti Central Box power and signal distribution devices and doing some live setup examples.  He will cover multiple applications for the Central Boxes and when you should or shouldn’t choose to add one to your model.  He will also clear up a couple of issues from episode one of our live stream on Assist receivers.   If you are on the fence about purchasing one of these great products or are having trouble with your own Assist setup, you’ll definitely want to tune in this week.

Tune in Thursday 2pm EST, HERE!

Servo Telemetry & Current Overload Protection using Central Box 220 & Ditex Telemetry Servos.

The Jeti Central Box 220 with current overload protection provides complete power management of your servos in a case of failure or emergency. In a case of an accident, Jeti CB220 cuts off power to the damaged servo and prevents the system from overloading or the receiver battery from over-discharging. Ditex digital telemetry servos provide unparalleled real time telemetry and full Jeti system integration.

Another awesome off-the-shelf plug in solution that significantly enhances the safety of your model.

Get it, HERE!