Coming Soon: Opale Hybrid 1.5 Camo

Bring Colors In Your Life with this brand new wing from Opale Paramodels.

  • Most modern design
  • Fascinating flight behavior
  • Faster without loss of sliding properties
  • Fast and uncomplicated opening behavior after steep spiral
  • 100% Opale Paramodels Hybrid Technique
  • 100% Known Opale Paramodels quality
  • 100% Beginner-friendly
  • 100% Flying pleasure


  • Flat wingspan: 2.74m/ 8.9 ft
  • Flat area: 1.5m2 / 16.2 ft2
  • Ratio: 5.0
  • Cells: 23
  • Bridles: Spliced Aramid 25 & 50 daN / DFL 70
  • Fabrics: Nylon Ultralight 10/20D 27/32gr/m2
  • Weight range: 0.7 to 3.5kg / 2.3 to 11.5 lbs

Esprit Tech is Getting an Updated Look

Trends come and go.  Old gets boring. This is a fact. So, after years of staring at the same old website design, we have decided its time to update our look! Over the next few weeks, you will see our website changing. Do not worry, your browser is not having a panic attack. What your seeing is the new look. Check out some examples of the new look down below!

Field Kit Necessities

With the flying season upon us, many of you are anxious to get to the field and start logging hours on your aircraft – I know we are. Amidst all the excitement, let us not forget to get all the basic field necessities ready, as it is easy leave without, but hard to go without. Here is a recap of what our guys make sure they have in their field boxes as they head out to fly.

  1. CA and Kicker – Great for those on-the-go fixes. We recommend the performance of Zap Adhesives.
  2. Double Sided Tape – This is great to add a little extra hold to your devices as they undergo the stress of flight. We recommend the 3M adhesive for a secure hold.
  3. Velcro – Perfect item for the parts that you will need access to. Velcro adds a great hold, but not as temporary as the double sided tape or CA.
  4. Tools (Wrenches, Screw Drivers, Cutters) – As we fly things need adjusting, either from initial set up, tuning, or flight vibration. Multi-Tools like the GorillaGrip Wrench or the Multi-Driver Set Duratrax offer several sizes in one convenient package.  Don’t forget your basic Xacto #1 Knife and spare blades!
  5. Battery checker and spare batteries / Fuel and spare glow plugs – Whether  you fly Gas/Glow or Electric, you need to make sure you have backup power, so you are not left grounded.
  6. Spare Props/Blades – These are a must for those accidental nicks and chips that may happen.

Jeti USA’s Spring Time Savings

For a limited time only, take advantage of Jeti USA’s Spring Special! Purchase any DS-24 or DC-24 radio system and receive one year free membership for the Jeti Fight Club & Jeti Care Services.

But… What is Jeti Fight Club you ask? Let me explain!

The Jeti Fight Club is our way to include not just the most famous competitive pilots but the everyday sport flyer in our exclusive Jeti Team. We value every member just as much as the other, and we are happy to have such a program.

Membership Has its Perks…

– Annual Welcome Package (Jeti Fight Club Shirts, Hats, Decals…)
– Free Jeti Care Services (50% Replacement Warranty)
– Expedited Jeti Warranty Service (Would Ship Same Day)
– Early Access to New Product Releases (Stay Informed)
– Jeti Live Video Support (Having Problems, Skype Helps)
– VIP Access to our Private Lounge at Major Events (Have a Drink on Us)
– Invitation to the Jeti Fun Fly (Impromptu Twice a Year)
– Special Discounts, Deals and Promotions

* Sign up requires Jeti Transmitter, ESC or AXi Brushless Motor ownership, agreement to terms and conditions, and collection of membership dues.

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