A Much Awaited Edition

Last week we finally received the new Secraft DS-16 Transmitter Tray. As soon as it made its way to my desk, I rushed to the shop to assemble it. It came neatly packaged in a plastic bag with individual compartments for each piece, which was great because some of the screws are quite small and, knowing myself, would have gotten lost.   The tray itself was very easy to assemble. There were only four pieces to connect together. Once I built the tray, I grabbed my transmitter. There are two adhesive squares that are placed on the bottom of the DS. These help to keep a tight fit on my transmitter.  Once I slid my Jeti DS-16 in the tray and tightened the lock, I was good to go!

Now, I know you’re probably wondering why I didn’t just keep with the universal tray. As the universal tray does work with this transmitter, the DS-16 tray is specifically designed with the shape and weight of my transmitter in mind.  The bottom bracket is not only angled to fit the shape, it has rubber pads to protect it. In addition, this tray comes with special extended brackets, designed to distribute the weight, keeping a CG that is comfortable to fly with. Over all, I am in love with this tray. It is offered in two colors; Red and Black, and we expect it to be available on our website by the end of the week. Keep an eye on our out New Products page for it to pop up. Until then, here are some pictures.

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DS-16 Tray

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