New Kontronik Pyro 750 Motors with Extra Long Shaft

The PYRO 750 continues the heritage of the KONTRONIK PREMIUM LINE. It is compact, extremely powerful, and has a continuous power of 4,5 kW.

The unique design of the PYRO 750 provides shafts with four sizes. The internal shaft is 10mm, allowing the use of 10mm bearings for longer life, and an external shaft of 6 or 8mm that allows it to easily fit most helicopters.

This little trick makes the PYRO 750 the ideal choice for all pilots who like to have more, but can’t install the PYRO 800 because of reasons of space.

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kontronik pyro 750

New Kontronik Pyro Competition Motor

If your demand for power is great, and your thirst for performance is unquenched, the PYRO COMPETITION LINE is made just for you.

In cooperation with Holger Lambertus from SlowFlyWorld, the COMPETITION LINE offers competition grade hand windings with the lowest possible resistance. The PYRO COMPETITION LINE will be available for all versions beginning with the PYRO 650.

To identify the exquisite nature of the PYRO COMPETITION LINE, each features a stylish new case design. Excellence is achieved, power is unbridled; the reign of the PYRO COMPETITION LINE begins.

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kontronik pyro competition motor