Jeti Update: Version 3.20 for R3/RSW, R4US, R5US, R6US, R7-9-11US, R14-18US Receivers

The firmware version 3.20 for Duplex EX receivers brings several new features especially for output pins settings. One of them gives the ability to set the digital interface so that it is possible to set serial communication for control of servo channels on one of the outputs of the receivers, while at the same time generating standard servo outputs for connected servos. This setting is especially advantageous in copter models where a serial interface is used for communication between the receiver and the stabilization system that controls the model.

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Jeti Equipped Jets

Jeti USA Pilot Jim McEwen shares with us his BVM Rafale which is equipped with a Jeti radio system including a Central Box 200, two R3 receivers, GPS, Vario, MUI-30 sensors, and a Cortex gyro. He will be competing with this plane in ScaleMasters and at the US Team selection for the 2015 Jet World Masters, so don’t miss your chance to see this beautiful jet!