Meet David Soufer

It all began in 1991 for our new Team Jeti USA pilot David Soufer. He was hooked. Although familiar with many airplanes, David’s fleet consists of mostly BVM jets. Currently David owns a BVM F100 F, BVM F4, BVM Ultra Bandit, BVM Bandit MKII, BVM Bobcat, and BVM eBandit (14S), however since 1996, when he started flying exclusively jets, he has had a BVM Maverick , Hot-Spot, Blade, Skymaster F18, Rafael B01, Seven Bandits (Composite and Super) and a BVM F100 D. Alongside his many airplanes, he has had a chance to tinker with many radios.

“The radios I have used in the past have been JR10X, JR12X, Spektrum 18X, the 18XQQ and the best of them all is my beloved Jeti DS-16-Carbon.”

“I try to fly twice a week or as time allows” States David, so look for him on the field! Welcome to Jeti USA!