Sailplane Self Launching System SLS RGP34 (SLS only $1095.00)

Introducing our brand new SLS self launching retractable electric systems for scale sailplanes. Finally we have product that can enhance your flying experience and do not break your bank account. Our RPG34 system comes with Folding Mechanisms, Plug & Play Electronic Control Unit and Spring Loaded Prop Adapter. You can choose from SLS Plug & Play or just SLS unit. We are recommending following 4S and 5S setups.

Power Package 4S (4.5-5.5kg Scale Sailplanes):
Hacker A30 10XL motor
Jeti Advance 70 Pro ESC
TP3900 4S battery pack
Aeronaut 12×8 folding propeller
HS-7954SH pylon servo

Power Package 5S (5.5-7.5kg Scale Sailplanes):
Hacker A40 10L motor
Jeti Advance 77 Pro ESC
TP3900 5S battery pack
Aeronaut 13×11 folding propeller
HS-7954SH pylon servo