New Hitec Servo: HS-8360TH Titanium Digital Servo

The high resolution and response of Hitec’s new HS-83XX series of servos brings the “wow” factor to your plane, heli, car or robot! Designed with an efficient coreless motor, the industry’s leading titanium gear train, and 7.4V capability, these ultra performance servos provide impressive precision. They are truly the trifecta of servo perfection. With the HS-8360TH offering accelerated speed and the HS-8370TH providing swift strength, and the HS-8385TH delivering revolutionary force. The rapid-fire response and decisive action of each servo elevates your hobby to an entirely new level!

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New: Rc Predator PIII 2.96E Glass/Carbon

Predator PIII 2.96E Competition is part of a new generation of compact, precision, full composite, hollow molded sailplanes. This new generation of sailplanes are designed and built to be extremely lightweight with great strength and full competition capabilities. Clean, efficient designs are sure to satisfy the most demanding pilots. RcRCM Predator PIII 2.96E is completely prefabricated from the factory and ready to fly.

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