Contest Time!

Contest Time! Okay guys, we need your help here. Esprit Model/Jeti USA wants to see your hard work pay off. All you have to do is send us a few pictures of your Esprit Model Heli, Multi, or Fixed Wing aircraft. One lucky winner will be chosen as the face of our newest newsletter!

A few rules do apply:
1. Pictures must show product purchased at Esprit Model
2. Product must still be current (you can check our website to make sure)

3. No personal logos or otherwise copyrighted material may be visible
4. Pictures may be either stationary or in-flight.
4. All Submissions must be made by 9/23/2013

How to Submit:
1. Send High Resolution pictures to
2. Include Name, Email, and a description of aircraft.
Submissions will be judged on creativity, quality of build, and overall appearance.

*** Esprit Model reserves the right to terminate this contest at any time. All submission are privy to use for Esprit Model/Jeti USA advertising purposes***