F-1 Rocket Evo 40

The F-1 Rocket EVO is modeled after a full-size “kit” plane inspired by the popular series of homebuilt RV aircraft. The model offers predictable flying characteristics and the ability to perform all popular sport aerobatics with ease. The recommended glow or electric power systems are both affordable and capable, and a colorful MonoKote trim scheme is pre-applied to this.

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f1-rocket-evo-401n f1-rocket-evo-402n f1-rocket-evo-408n

New Transmitter Trays

Check out these New Transmitter Trays designed for the DC-16/DS-16! These trays will help with handling and precision of flight. A great way to provide  hand supports in an attractive shape and color. Available in Blue and Black for the DC-16; Available in Blue for the DS-16.

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jeti-trans-tray-lite-blackn jeti-trans-tray-lite-blue-dsn jeti-trans-tray-lite-bluen