New S800 Upgrade

Tired of shaky footage from vibration on your S800? Well the answer is here, the DJI S800 Vibration Damping Kit!

With a simple installation, the S800 Vibration Damping Kit will provide a great improvement in flight performance. Simply install the six dampers between the S800 frame arms and the landing gear, allowing the air-core damping ball within the dampers to absorb the high frequency vibration. Check it out!

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New DFS Kranich II

The AP Model’s 1/5 scale version of this beautiful sailplane comes with the fiberglass fuselage and flawless finish in beige gel-coat. The canopy is removable with fiberglass frame and comes ready for completion. The wings are beautifully finished in scale like Solartex and ready for your aileron, and spoiler servos installation. The plug-in wings as well as tail parts are scale like, classic balsa/plywood construction, and easily removable for transportation. This model comes in two versions, ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) fully covered by Solartex iron-on fabric and ARC (Almost Ready to Cover), ready for covering of your choice. All these features give this model performance characteristic similar to a full scale airplane while still remaining very light and beautifully built. The synergy of low weight and strong structure is very unusual even in a custom production sailplanes and can only be achieved with careful attention to design and construction.

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ap-dsf-kranich-ii2n ap-dsf-kranich-ii4n ap-dsf-kranich-ii9n