New SimStick Professional

Whether you are a RC helicopter or plane pilot, there are many advantages to practicing on an RC flight simulator however connecting the lead to your PC causes hassles; it gets under your feet, looks messy, and it’s never there when you need it – so why not do away with it?
The SIMSTICK Pro Wireless adapter is a great USB interface device that will allow you to connect your TX to your PC without using the wires.

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Coming Soon Super Sport 3S/E Sailplane

The Sport 3S/E is a perfect combination of classic design and modern technology. This hand crafted, high powered, electric thermal glider is great for both sport and competition flying. Composed of a gel-coated fiberglass fuselage, 3-piece, carbon fiber leading edge rod wing, and carbon/balsa built up tail parts, the Super Sport is both sturdy and lightweight. Street price is expected at $495.00

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