WRAM Show was an Incredible Success!

We are back! The show went off without a single hitch. This was Esprit Model’s first appearance after missing the last several years and can’t wait to do it again. Thanks for having us back at the largest East Coast Show in the Tri-State Area (New Jersey, New York, Connecticut)! To all our friends out there thank you for showing your Esprit Team support.


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Coming Soon! Sunracer Super V4 Pylon Racer

-The wing servos are now located in the wing, closer to the aileron horns.
-The ailerons have been reduced in size to prevent flutter.
-The wing servos now use shorter aileron pushrods.
-The wing mounted servos are covered to give a more streamlined form
-The SC version features a carbon D-box made from spread tow carbon produced by Vladimir’s models.
-The redesigned battery compartment is now larger. This is made possible by moving the aileron servos to the wing.
– The fuselage has been strengthened to help withstand those, “not-so-perfect” landings.

Sunracer V4 Wing 2

Sunracer V4 Wing 1