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Secraft Bling

“Details matter. It’s worth waiting to get it right.” – Steve Jobs

Well…Wait no more! Secraft parts are rolling in!

These anodized aluminum parts will add the perfect detail to any project! Made out of aluminum, these products are sure to hold up. Vibrant colors and sleek designs will draw your eye and make for the most excellent finishing touches to your model.

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Secraft Fuel Accessories
Secraft Retaining and Securing Systems
Secraft Receiver and Servo Accessories

Upgraded Hinges on Our OV-10 Bronco

In It For The Long Hall (OV-10 Bronco Build)

OV-10 Bronco

Another one of our goals when building our aircraft is to keep the quality up for as long as possible. For this reason, we chose to upgrade the hinges to aluminum hinges. Being made out of a metal, such as aluminum, verses Kevlar fabric (CA Hinges) or nylon, will increase the longevity of the hinges when under repeated stress. The added bonus is how nice they look!

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