When Radio Control and Art Collide

Daniel Hirscher, Tomahawk Aviation, and a DH-Colorworks Masterpiece

Daniel Hirscher with the Hirscher 400 Turbo

Behold the beauty of this Hirscher 400 Turbo from Tomahawk Aviation. Not only is the plane a masterpiece of its own, add in Daniel Hirscher’s amazing art and it becomes something entirely out of this world. Custom airbrushed by Mr. Hirscher, this plane combines his love of the hobby with his skill in the arts. According to his website (https://www.dh-colorworks.com/) Mr. Hirscher got started in airbrushing because he wanted to add a little something extra to one of his personal aircrafts. From there, his passion ignited and now he has painted anything from clothing, to cars, and even an oversized whiskey bottle (https://www.dh-colorworks.com/about-me.html)! Check out the Hirscher 400 Turbo below! This particular model runs some of the best equipment from Hacker, Jeti, Hitec, and Falcon Props.

Source: https://www.dh-colorworks.com/newsreader/new-180.html