TBT: Head Back To 1978!

A note from another satisfied Jeti customer.

Recently, I purchased a Jeti radio system (DS-14). I wanted to let you know I have been flying RC for 62 years and this Jeti radio is by far the best radio I have ever owned. In the past, I have been on the Futaba and JR teams but this Jeti radio system is exceptional. It brings back the excitement I felt when I first started to fly. The controls are ultra smooth. I have won the National Championship Pylon Race (1978) and have continued to compete all these years so I know a good radio system. I plan on using the radio at the 2017 NATS and wanted to sincerely thank Chief Aircraft for making it possible for me to possess such a quality piece of equipment.


John McDermott

Well John, we are happy to hear you are pleased! Good luck at the NATS, and thank you for sharing with us this great photo from your 1978 win!



To All The “Heroes” – Today Is For You

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you’ve grown.”


There are many things my father and I spent time doing growing up, but I particularly remember tagging along with him to the flying field. Little did I know that it would become a huge part of my adult life. He inspired me, and although the part of the hobby that interests him is different from what I have grown to enjoy,  he will forever be my role model. It is wonderful when we (as a shop) head to events and see all the awesome fathers who bring their kids, teach them, and show them just how fun this hobby can be. We are lucky to have great fathers like that in our very own shop. So here’s to all those DADS out there – Today is for you! Keep on showing us things, and we will keep on learning!

Dad’s click the link below to take advantage of these great Fathers Day Sales!

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Get On The List!!!

Check out this screen! Jeti adds even more customization options with the ability to assign images to your models, and pick your menu colors in the DS-24 Transmitter.  There is still time to get on the list for the brand new Jeti DS-24 Transmitter. Pre-Order yours today and save your place in line. These guys will be coming to a finish soon, don’t you want to be ready?

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New Opale Power 2.7 Paramodel

The Power 2.7 made a big impression on us when we flew over canyons in the Southwestern US. With the strong and changing wind conditions we faced during these flights, we can say that the Power 2.7 was tested under the toughest conditions. These were truly unforgettable moments for the test pilots. And for those who think that we just scaled up the Power 1.1, rest assured that this wing was designed and developed, from the drawing board to the production model, with the same longing for perfection that guides all Opale development. The results of that single minded pursuit; simply astonishing.

Head over to the product page for more information.

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