Product Release – Spirit Flybarless System

Spirit is a device for stabilizing R/C models such as flybarless helicopters. Spirit features include electronic paddle simulation, vibration logging and support for various Tx/Rx types as well as a rudder gyro for those who want to continue using a mechanical flybar. Thanks to flybarless mechanics, the system improves efficiency and maneuverability of a helicopter and its stability while also extending flight times.

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Spirit #1 Spirit #2 Spirit

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Extra, Extra, Read All About It!!!

Brand new information released by Jeti USA!
Introducing the Revolutionary, Brand New, Jeti Duplex DC-24 2.4GHz Radio System with Color Display and Dual Haptic Feedback!!! The new Duplex DC-24 is Jeti’s new flagship, State-of-the-art, transmitter that sets a new standard for the RC Industry. The DC-24 with its brand new architecture features a Full Color Display, Dual Haptic (Vibration) Feedback for each of the gimbals and Full Resolution 24 Channel Logic.

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