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Store Display Gets an Upgrade!

Now that we have the new Power 2.7 Paramodel in from Opale, we can switch out our demonstration model. We can’t wait to get this baby up in the air! Read more about the Opale Power 2.7 Wing in the link below.

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New Opale Hybrid 5.2 Paramodel

Opale just released the newest wing in their line of already extraordinary paramodels. The new Hybrid 5.2 is a 5.25 meter wing, making it the largest wing ever to feature Hybrid technology. Read more about the Hybrid 5.2 in the full story, or check out the RC Groups Review by Jason Cole HERE.

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To All The “Heroes” – Today Is For You

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you’ve grown.”


There are many things my father and I spent time doing growing up, but I particularly remember tagging along with him to the flying field. Little did I know that it would become a huge part of my adult life. He inspired me, and although the part of the hobby that interests him is different from what I have grown to enjoy,  he will forever be my role model. It is wonderful when we (as a shop) head to events and see all the awesome fathers who bring their kids, teach them, and show them just how fun this hobby can be. We are lucky to have great fathers like that in our very own shop. So here’s to all those DADS out there – Today is for you! Keep on showing us things, and we will keep on learning!

Dad’s click the link below to take advantage of these great Fathers Day Sales!

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Opale Sees Red

Check out the beautiful red color of the Opale OXY 0.5 Paraglider.

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Drone Wars: A TV Show That Has Got Us Excited!!!

RC Group’s Editor, and Jeti pilot, Jason Cole had an amazing opportunity. Last year he was chosen to partake in a reality television show where brain power gets you to the end!

“Drone Wars is a series of challenges that puts pilots and engineers to the test. Teams of two must design and create the ultimate flying machine to conquer ever changing obstacles and win points to avoid being knocked out of the competition. Jason Cole was a great addition to the show and fun to work with!” States producer Jon Perkins.

Read more about the show in the Full Story Link.

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On The Bench – Opale 2 for 1 on Jeti

Opale and Jeti go together like peas and carrots! Take a look at how well they look together.

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  • Jeti DS-16 Carbon
  • Opale Paramodels Oxy 5 w/ Tom and XL Trike
  • Opale Paramodels Oxy 0.5 w/XXS2 Backpack

Interview With Opale

Jim Campbell from Aero News Network interviews Frank from Opale at the AMA Expo West. Take a look at what Frank has to say about the amazing Opale Paramodels!


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Welcome 2017!!!

Our New Years Resolution: – Relocate shop to one of these – complete with Air Taxi! 😉

First For Everything

Now you can have your RC parts delivered by an RC Aircraft! Check it out.


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