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Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome…

Those aren’t just words the Marines say, they apply to us all! Take a look at how Manny improvised when he needed a quick antenna fix… and it packs a “Monster” punch. Mannys Heli (1)

Mannys Heli (2)

Mannys Heli (3)

Flight Test!

Flight test! Take a look at our guys preparing Manny’s multi-rotor for today’s demonstrations at the FLYSAFE Training!

Manny Flight Test 1

Manny Flight Test 2

Manny Flight Test 3

Life In The Fast Lane

Check this video out of the FPV Model Racing #7 Drone. It is equip with a Jeti MULi Sensor and is run on a DS-14!

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines…

Take a look at Justin Pucci’s speed machine in action! We can’t wait to see how well it does at IRCHA’s Speed Cup.

Thank You!

Thank you Tauseef for these great pictures of your Jeti equipment. We are happy to see you enjoying it!
“Really starting to enjoy the radio!”  – Tauseef

From The Flight Line – Butch’s Comanche

Take a look at this amazing helicopter that one of our customers has been working on. Completely custom, this helicopter just amazes me. It is comprised of a 65″ Len Mount Fuselage, KDE T-Rex 700 upgrade parts, two Scorpion motors (one for main and one for tail), and two Castle Creations ESCs. The cockpit is built from scratch, andn even has animated displays that run on a ten minute loop. Click “Read More” to see more photos!IMG_1055

The Shape is Ready for Her Maiden Voyage

Manny’s new toy is equip with MKS Servos, a BD 3X Stabilization System, Kontronik ESC, Pulse Batteries, and runs on the Jeti Duplex system.

Shape Heli (1) Shape Heli (2) Shape Heli (3) Shape Heli (4) Shape Heli (5) Shape Heli (6)

Video Release – Jeti Programming: Spirit Integration

Watch this video to learn all about the Spirit Flybarless Integration with your Jeti Transmitter.

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Jeti USA’s RCDroidBox Makes It Big!

Jeti USA’s RCDroidBox has made it into several popular media prints. You can articles about the bluetooth module featured in Fly RC, Heli Pilot, MultiRotor Pilot, as well as online at! Take a look!

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RCDriod Bluetooth Module (2)RCDriod Bluetooth Module

Video Release – A Closer Look: Jeti Duplex DS-14 Basic Transmitters

Take a closer look at what Jeti’s DS-14 Basic has to offer you.

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